There is something quaint and idyllic about camping. It puts you right in the heart of nature, allowing to you experience peace and serenity whilst indulging in a number of outdoor activities. Today, we are going to be taking a look at fifteen spots for beach camping in the USA.


Beach camping is something that can put you right in the heart of the action, placing you along some of the most postcard-worthy pieces of coastline in the United States. Here are some of our favorite beach camping locations:


1. Na Pali Coast – Hawaii

When it comes to beach camping locations that really place you in the heart of beautiful places, the Na Pali Coast is a phenomenal option. The entire area is known for its natural beauty, with lush canopies and sea cliffs just waiting to be discovered. If you are planning on camping here, then you should make sure that you get a camping permit first.

2. Lost Coast – California

For a truly remote beach camping experience, head out to the Lost Coast in California. This remote stretch of land is known for its turbulent tide. We wouldn’t recommend this one for anyone who is looking to take part in any water-based activities, as the waves can be incredibly unpredictable.

3. Biscayne National Park – Florida

If you have ever travelled through Biscayne National Park in Florida, then you will already know that most of the park lies underwater. There are plenty of different beach camping locations here, but many of them have to be reached by boat. Alternatively, you can kayak across Biscayne Bay.

4. Wai’anapanapa State Park – Hawaii

Maui is a world-famous Hawaiian destination, with people from all around the world travelling here every year. If you are looking to enjoy some beach camping in Hawaii, then you can head out to Wai’anapanapa State Park for some truly breathtaking views of the surrounding wilderness. You will need to make sure that you get a permit in advance.

5. Wright’s Beach – California

If you are looking for a beach camping experience with plenty of rugged coastal views, then you may have just found it. Wright’s Beach is incredible, with a few dozen campsites available. You will have to pay to stay here on a nightly basis, but the views are more than worth it.

6. Hoffmaster State Park – Michigan

Lake Michigan is a stunning place, with plenty of different camping spots available. With approximately three miles of idyllic shoreline, there are hundreds of different beach camping spots for you to choose from. Make sure that you know what you want before you head to Hoffmaster State Park. There are peaceful spots, luxurious spots and party spots.

7. Hunting Island State Park – South Carolina

Escaping to the shore can be difficult, especially with the sheer number of campsites that are available to you. If you are based around South Carolina, then we would recommend heading to Hunting Island State Park, a secluded location offering plenty of ornate views. If you have a dog, then you will be happy to hear that you can bring them along on your adventure too.

8. Bird Island Basin – Texas

Just as the name would suggest, bird lovers will find themselves at home at Bird Island Basin in Texas. This slice of paradise is full of wildlife, waves and water sports. Naturally, we would recommend this one for anyone who is looking to simply observe the nature that surrounds them, especially during nesting season.

9. Assateague Island – Maryland

Assateague Island offers a unique beach camping experience. Here, you can camp along the shore, soaking in views of the waves whilst surrounded by wild horses. Yes, you read that right. Assateague Island is home to a herd of wild ponies. Given that these horses are wild, you should make sure that you treat them with respect and try not to frighten them.

10. Grand Isle State Park – Louisiana

The bayou is a beautiful place, steeped in heritage and culture. Take a break from the bustling streets of New Orleans and head out to Grand Isle State Park, an area full of beach camping spots, RV sites and fun activities. We would recommend going for a hike around the local area.

11. Apostle Islands – Wisconsin

The Apostle Islands in Wisconsin are more than worth exploring, especially if you are planning on doing some beach camping. There are dozens of different beaches here where you can camp, with fees starting at just $10 a night. We would highly recommend staying on some of the beaches in the Apostle Islands if you want to spend some time exploring the local surroundings.

12. Kalaloch Campground – Washington

Washington is full of amazing camping locations, but this particular beach camping location is known to be incredibly popular with both locals and tourists. You can expect the beach experience here to be exactly what you are imagining to be, with plenty of wildlife spotting opportunities and an impressive piece of coastline to explore.

13. Homer Spit Campground – Alaska

There is something beautiful about the Alaskan wilderness, where everything is based around the beauty of nature. When camping alongside Kachemak Bay, you can expect to soak in some breathtaking scenery. It is worth noting that there are also plenty of amenities nearby, including restaurants and shops.

14. Cape Cod – Massachusetts

If you want to go camping at Cape Cod, then we would recommend getting out there early. Each night, one hundred self-contained vehicles are allowed to park up on the beach, meaning that you will have to prepare in advance to avoid disappointment. Make sure that you check all of the beach requirements before you go!

15. Cape Lookout – North Carolina

When we talk about beach camping, we are often talking about a range of different experiences. Some of these experiences involve luxurious campsites, whereas others are much more primitive. If you are looking for the latter, head to Cape Lookout during the summer.

Packing for Beach Camping

Before you go beach camping, you should make sure that you know what you will need with you. Some beach camping experiences offer more than others, ranging from glamping to primitive experiences.

If you would like to go camping on the beach, then we would recommend making sure that you know what you will be sleeping in. Some campsites allow self-contained vehicles, whereas others allow tents. You should also make sure that you check which activities are safe. On some beaches, you can get straight into the water. On other beaches, you have to be quite careful because the water can be unpredictable.

Don’t forget to take all of your belongings with you when you leave the beach!

The Best Beach Camping Experiences

If you have never experienced the joys of beach camping before, then we would highly recommend giving it a try. Beach camping is a lot of fun, placing you in earshot of the waves and underneath the stars. Before you set up your camping spot, make sure that you are safe camping in the area.


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