If you want to know what’s the real deal with the latest fad of Bachelor Brackets, continue reading this article to gain some useful insights.

It all stems from the captivating shenanigans of the reality TV show “The Bachelor and Bachelorette.” The show continues to unfold precariously along the lines of its devious twists and turns with an intensely catchy plot.

The key attraction for the infinitesimally large fan base of this show is making plain hard cash.


Getting the Biggest Bracket for You

Online players make provocative predictions about the romantic life span of show contestants and win tempting bonus points for every right prediction. This translates into reality TV show fortune telling, where online players get paid hefty loads of cash for making correct forecasts.

Who isn’t a die hard fan of watching entertaining soap operas and reality TV shows? Getting lost in the wondrous world of reality TV show allures most people world over.

Getting the chance to closely scrutinize the life of show contestants on top of getting handsomely paid from it is an opportunity worth taking full advantage from.


What is a Bachelor Bracket?

Watching TV which was previously considered to be brain-draining has transformed into a lucrative money-making and socializing opportunity, thanks to Bachelor Bracket.

This is the delightful factor that makes online players hoard like bees towards Bachelor Bracket and its Reality TV show.  For every bracket or prediction that rings true, you get paid. Another Icing on the cake is as the season progresses your winning points ramp up.

An added advantage of the Bachelor Bracket is you can easily change predictions anywhere anytime and your league scores get updated accordingly.


How does Bachelor Bracket work?

The word Bachelor Bracket resonates with the term “March Madness.” However, in our case the root cause of our March Madness is connected with the romantic flings of a Reality TV show.

Creating Brackets is a fun-filled experience as you get to be a part of a Bachelorette League. Like-minded individuals come together in Bachelor Bracket to become closely involved in the fine details of the evolving plot of the show.

Bachelor Brackets offer food for thought to these upbeat fans for making accurate predictions. As the weeks pass by Bachelorette players get to make snide decisions as to which player shall exit the show arena.

They make use of secret ways and strategies to help create right Brackets. Bonus points are rewarded on each correct prediction of future climaxes to prospective players in connection with the show’s plotline.


Some Examples of Bachelor Brackets

While making a Bachelor Bracket, players can make an accurate/false prognosis on how long a contestant will last in the competition until he receives a boot. Other points boosting forecasts include date card scores and impression roses.

Precisely estimating how the show will evolve in terms of its contestants and plot lines, is the key factor helping players bag hard cash. Unlike investing in stocks or gambling is a risky enterprise and warrants a loss to players, playing Bachelor Bracket is devoid of all such risks.

Players get to bank on bonus points through other predictions as well even if they fail to correctly predict the last boot. A risky situation for Bachelor players is guessing the roster before the start of the week.

You do not want to bet on a contestant that exists away the first week. We have selected a few lucrative tips and tricks to help you in getting your Bracket throughout your Bachelor journey starting off from impression rose to the final rose.


How to win your Bachelor Bracket?

Although it is unfathomable to predict which contestants will stay and which will drain out from the competition. Following the earlier trends of the waxing and waning of popular contestants in the show’s history has led us to compile a list of time tested tricks and tips that will land you with your desired Bachelor Brackets.

“If he looks like a Disney hero, he’ll probably stick around till the later rounds. Being the eye candy makes you last longer in the show”

When a contestant appears to be the eye candy of the show, he tends to grab a lot of attention from Bachelor fans and is much likelier to last around till mid-season.

Once the initial appeal and infatuation falter away from such players, they are more likely to make an easy exit from the show. Consider the example of Dustin from Hanna Browns Bachelorette season.


Being a sinister contestant is a red flag for leaving the show early

When it comes to trimming away contestants from the existing pool, evil contestant are the ones on which all eyes are hooked upon.

This shows that one of the pitfalls of being an evil contestant is you fall off quite early on in the competition.

Consider the example of Chad Johnson or Gaston in Bachelorette season. The reason for this early exit from the game is the negative connotation associated with these villainous and devious contestants.

Though they are great food for entertainment and keep the show full of drama and suspense for viewers.


Bank on First Impression Rose Contestants

History tends to repeat itself and it has been noticed that contestants who receive the first impression rose to stick around till the final rounds of the show. Just like the popular adage goes, “First impressions count most.”


The WallFlower Dies Earlier

If none of the Bachelor fans can recall the name of a particular contestant as he usually remains hidden in the shadows, he’s not the one to stay later on in the game.

As the saying goes, “The one not remembered dies in the hearts and minds of people.” In our case, the forgotten contestant tends to lose his game early on in the show.


The First and the Last Contestants are the Ones to Bet On

The biggest trick in the hat to create your Bachelor Bracket is implementing the Producer’s Secrets. The Bachelor contestants whose limo entry is the first and last, tend to be the lucky ones on whom the show’s producers bet their cards on.

For more insights on this factor check out the amazing book by Sean Lowe, “For the Right Reasons: America’s Favorite Bachelor on Faith, Love, Marriage, and Why Nice Guys Finish First.” This book is full of useful Bracket winning nuggets and brownie points for online players.


If all else fails, use Spoilers

It takes away the thrill and enjoyment out of your Bachelor Bracket experience if you take help from spoilers such as Bachelor Reddit etc.

But it helps a ton in helping you make your Bachelor Bracket nonetheless. You can call the shots if taking help from Spoilers does not give you guilt trips, you can always decline this offer on the table.


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